Here, you need to give the name for your project, set the location of your project, give the solution name. In this example, I will give the name “FirstCoreWebApplication” and then click on the Create button as shown in the image below. Once you click on the Create a new project box, then it will open the Create a new project window.

To be able to use condition json_textcontains, you first must create a JSON search index, which is an Oracle Text index designed specifically for use with JSON data. If you do not, then an error is raised when json_textcontains is used. In a CASE expression or the WHERE clause of a SELECT statement to perform a full-text search of JSON data that is stored in a VARCHAR2, BLOB, or CLOB column. The indexed file name extensions values are only (non-null) scalar values of the specified data type. The index can nevertheless be used in dot-notation queries that lead to such a scalar result. The indexes created in both Example and Example can be picked up for either a query that uses dot-notation syntax or a query that uses json_value.

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Developers expect data infrastructures to always be there for their applications. With JSON databases like Couchbase, you get flexibility and high performance out of the box.

How do I convert PNG to ICO?

You can upload and refine your images using Canva’s editing tools right inside the Hootsuite dashboard. And the very first step of the process is selecting a network-optimized size for your image from a drop-down menu. We go into more detail for every single network below, but this image includes the social media image sizes you probably look up most often.

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Ultimately, neither image format is better than the other. It’s simply a matter of which one is better suited for your needs. At any rate, the Tool Tip and the User Guide should clarify the function of the PNG compression when setting the value to 1 or to 10 or any number between 1 and 10 . Images that are smaller in size take less time to load and make web pages display and react faster in web browsers.

There was no mention of some larger script, and only assigning values to guiName and ImgLoc would have made the couple lines you showed us a complete script. Documents uploaded during the Select Documents step of the USAJOBS application process will automatically be added to the Other Documents section of your profile. Sometimes transcripts from an educational institution will have a security block that is flagged as a virus and makes the file very large—this prevents the file from being uploaded. If that happens, you need to print your transcript and scan it in to upload. Read Adobe’s tutorial on how to reduce PDF file size.

I believe this feature was requested and “To-Do Listed” in 2014 , but was never implemented , so I am resubmitting this as a new request. While working on a few complex blend objects you can set 1-3 specified steps, then restore the desired value when your artwork will be completely ready. This trick will speed up your workflow without creating long pauses while saving and zooming. But when it comes to accuracy, such as removing excess points of vector outlines, it may be better to use theSmart Remove Brush Tool. This tool allows you to literally sweep excess points away like a broom!

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